Back in the year 1975, our founder, Thanpuying Datchari Rajani, found that it was difficult to find Thai restaurants which could cater to her taste and enjoyment. So, she decided to open a small restaurant called “Kalpapruek”, which was the name of the collecting stamp offered by Shell company to its customers. The “Kalpapruek” stamp, created by her husband, Prince Bhisatej Rajani, could be exchanged for gifts and was very popular at the time.
“Feeling like home” is Thanpuying Datchari’s concept. Every dishes served were like what she would cook for her family. We are among the first restaurant which served authentic Thai food with bakery. We began with a small gourmet restaurant and grew into 3 restaurants, still serving “quality” food and bakery, at present.
We cook with the best ingredients and fresh produce from the Royal Project. Everything is prepared in our kitchen to ensure that our customers are treated with the “best” possible.
Quality living is our core value.
We always do our best to cook for your enjoyment
and quality of your life.